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MORE INFO ON: CYGLOVES are made from waterproof material with very easy fitting and removing system. CYGLOVES have been designed with enough stiffness to be able to insert and remove hands while riding with ease and comfort. They have reflective details which improve greatly night time visibility and safety. Inside CYGLOVE have insulating material to create microclimate by the warmth of your hands what protects them from cold winds and rain. They also have strap to tie them together when not in use what prevents separating the muffs and losing one of them. Riding a bicycle with thick gloves is like driving a car with heavy boots. CYGLOVE helps you to free your hands, adds safety to your commuting or fun rides and also they are very stylish and great looking on your cycle machine.

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  • 100% waterproof material, high durability and thick insulating lining equals dry, warm and safer hands
  • Reflecting elements – to improve your visibility and safety
  • Highly flexible – easy fitting and removing system, can be used on different bikes, universal and unisex.
  • Clasp to tie them together when not in use what prevents from separating the muffs and losing one of them.
  • Stiffen edges – putting in and taking out your hands of the CYGLOVES is quick, easy and safe
  • Adjustable fastening strap to hold CYGLOVES firmly on the handlebar.
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Cycling is my passion but winter cold has been always a hassle for me and my hands. So winter gloves is a big subject for me. Testing CYGLOVE was a big surprise for me. Handlebar muffs for my bike sounded quite unusual and strange but I fell in love with this solution. So, simple, so warm and comfortable. Cool but Warm 🙂 idea.
Adrian , commuting to work daily
Not only warm & protecting my hands, but also very convenient. When I stop to pick up a call or buy something on the way, grabbing phone or money from my pocket takes me just seconds as taking my hands out of the muffs is really quick. In case of winter gloves it was more complicated and always time consuming.
Martin, daily commuter and cycling for fun
I use bicycle every morning to get to work. In winter time it wasn’t very comfortable wearing thick gloves and thinner ones were affecting my hands. On the long run I was developing symptoms of rheumatism from gusty cold wind blows. CYGLOVE gave a perfect solution. I use thin gloves or no gloves at all when riding with CYGLOVES.
Stephen, many years commuting on bicycle

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