WHITE SHEEPSKIN for Buggy Pushchair, Pram, Car Seat Liner, Mat – Natural Eco-Friendly

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Natural Wool fibres are the best insulators. The sheep fur is breathable  and displace moisture very quickly. Keeps your baby dry and warm at the same time as the fur naturally traps warm air within the fibres. Sheepskin absorbs sweat immediately, giving it off to the air seven times faster than any synthetic materials. Sweat absorbing qualities mean as well excellent cooling qualities. Natural properties of lamb fur have been recognized for centuries, it is time now to use them again,
100% natural, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable products!

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Shepskin Liner is one of the most natural and eco friendly products. Soft and Warm, Sheepskin Liner gives your baby extra comfort and turns your pram into a cosy nest. Layer of natural Wool adds protection on bumpy rides and most of all insulates your baby from cold ground. Additionally on warmer days or indoors, Sheepskin liner provides a breathable membrane preventing from excess sweating. Carefully positioned wholes and slits allow the liners to be fitted on all strollers,
3 wheelers, car seats, bouncy chairs or swings.