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Identity RFID Shield Blocking Secure PASSPORT SLEEVE Case Theft Protection

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Protect Yourself !!!
You probably know that many debit and credit cards, ID cards and access badges have Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips embedded.
RFID is very convenient technology as it allows to quickly pay for goods, open doors and identify people.
That is true. However with the new technology comes a RISK !!!


Is there a way to STOP Electronic Pickpocketing
and protect Yourself?

YES, cheap and convenient way is to use HyperCardProtect sleeves to store your cards.
HyperCardProtect products are designed to protect your cards from unauthorized reading.
Our products guarantee that the cards can not be read without your knowledge.

HyperCardProtect for Contactless Cards –
STOP Electronic Pickpocketing

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Did you know that:

  • it is possible to remotely read (steal) your data from the card using a cheap reader bought from the internet
  • your data such as card number, expiration number and even name could be read from a distance of even several meters
  • hackers are working on more sophisticated ways to steal your money and data
  • walking around with your cards, you can be a victim of an Electronic Pickpocketing
  • Watch out for card clash
    If you keep more than one contactless card in your purse or wallet (including an Oyster card) you could get a red light when you try to use your card at stations or on buses.
    The red light means you won’t have paid for your journey and if you are at a ticket gate it may not open. This may be because of card clash.
    Make sure you keep your contactless payment card separate from other contactless cards when you touch in and out on a yellow card reader, our HyperCardProtect can help you to that.

HyperCardProtect sleeves:

  • are designed for ATM card size cards, compliant with ISO/IEC 7810:2003 standard
  • include the RFID blocking technology that prevent electronic picpocketing
  • fit easily into a wallet
  • are easy to use
  • made of high quality durable material

HyperCardProtect protect the following types of contactless cards:

  • All debit and credit contactless cards
  • Student ID
  • Electronic ticketing cards such as Oyster
  • Access cards operating on 13,56 MHz
  • MIFARE, HID iClass, DESFire cards

Your data is at risk !!!

See what can happen to your credit/debit cards

Your passport is at risk too

Even Channel 4 made a special investigation. See what they found:










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