Heightening SHEEPSKINMat Support Cushion Wedge Booster Foam Ideal for Car Office

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We are pleased to offer you a Sheepskin mat for short drivers. It raises the driver and due to its specially designed wedge shape does not move back the driver from the pedals. Made of foam of adequate hardness so that the raising is as high as possible while offering comfortable position. Natural Wool fibres are the best insulators. The sheep fur is breathable and displace moisture very quickly. Keeps your baby dry and warm at the same time as the fur naturally traps warm air within the fibres. Sheepskin absorbs sweat immediately, giving it off to the air seven times faster than any synthetic materials. Sweat absorbing qualities mean as well excellent cooling qualities. Natural properties of lamb fur have been recognized for centuries, it is time now to use them again. Professionally made. MADE IN THE EU, FREE UK DELIVERY. Dimensions: Lenght – 39 cm Width – 41 cm Height – 9 cm Weight – 0,3 kg


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