MEDICAL Baby Sheepskin Lambskin Fur Play Rug Cozy Mate RELUGAN Soft and Fluffy

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Natural Wool fibres are the best insulators. The sheep fur is breathable and displace moisture very quickly. Keeps your baby dry and warm at the same time as the fur naturally traps warm air within the fibres. Sheepskin absorbs sweat immediately, giving it off to the air seven times faster than any synthetic materials. Sweat absorbing qualities mean as well excellent cooling qualities. Natural properties of lamb fur have been recognized for centuries, it is time now to use them again,
100% natural, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable products!

Antibacterial – non irritating
Cool on summer – warm on winter

  • Soft, Warm and Fluffy like no other cover
  • 100% Natural Sheepskin Fur
  • Tanned using the most natural tanning processes available, so has the health of your baby and the environment in mind!
  • Fully machine washable on a wool cycle, Care Instruction attached
  • Keeps your body warm
  • Allows air circulation
  • A wool pile height of 3cm (30mm)

Shepskin Liner is one of the most natural and eco friendly products.  Soft and Warm, Sheepskin Liner gives your baby: Comfort pads for Cribs, Bassinets & Playpens *** Inlay for Car Seats *** Insulating and Absorbent Play Rug *** Enjoyable Tummy Time.
Layer of natural Wool adds protection and most of all insulates your baby from cold ground.
Lambskin wool is natures most resilient and comforting resource. It’s soft hollow fibres “breathe” and help regulate body temperature. Air flows freely between your baby and the sheepskin, providing the utmost comfort, This sheepskin product absorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet, keeping your baby dry and comfortable regardless of the weather. 

Sheepskin Play Rug Available sizes:
Please use the drop down menu at the top of the page  to browse all the sizes and make your choice.
All sizes are on cm/in and approximately

Size 1 – A: 94cm/37″, B: 58cm/23″
Size 2 – A: 98cm/39″, B: 53cm/21″
Size 3 – A: 100cm/39″, B: 56cm/22″
Size 4 – A: 100cm/39″, B: 48cm/19″
Size 5 – A: 103cm/41″, B: 48cm/19″
Size 6 – A: 109cm/43″, B: 58cm/23″
Size 7 – A: 90cm/35″, B: 50cm/20″
Size 8 – A: 90cm/35″, B: 50cm/20″
Size 9 – A: 102cm/40″, B: 48cm/19″
Size 10 – A: 97cm/38″, B: 54cm/21″
Size 11 – A: 97cm/38″, B: 54cm/21″
Size 12 – A: 104cm/41″, B: 56cm/22″
Size 13 – A: 105cm/41″, B: 54cm/21″
Size 14 – A: 90cm/35″, B: 54cm/21″
Size 15 – A: 100cm/39″, B: 48cm/19″
Size 16 – A: 90cm/35″, B: 48cm/19″
Size 17 – A: 94cm/37″, B: 50cm/20″
Size 18 – A: 96cm/38″, B: 50cm/20″
Size 19 – A: 90cm/36″, B: 53cm/21″
Size 20 – A: 105cm/41″, B: 54cm/21″
Size 21 – A: 95cm/37″, B: 50cm/20″
Size 22 – A: 92cm/36″, B: 54cm/21″
Size 23 – A: 94cm/37″, B: 48cm/19″
Size 24 – A: 97cm/38″, B: 53cm/21″
Size 25 – A: 90cm/35″, B: 52cm/21″
Size 26 – A: 103cm/41″, B: 55cm/21″
Size 27 – A: 90cm/36″, B: 53cm/21″
Size 28 – A: 92cm/36″, B: 56cm/22″
Size 29 – A: 94cm/37″, B: 53cm/21″
Size 30 – A: 90cm/36″, B: 46cm/18″
Size 31 – A: 95cm/37″, B: 50cm/20″
Size 32 – A: 97cm/38″, B: 54cm/21″
Size 33 – A: 100cm/39″, B: 50cm/20″
Size 34 – A: 84cm/33″, B: 45cm/18″
Size 35 – A: 90cm/35″, B: 54cm/21″
Size 36 – A: 92cm/36″, B: 52cm/21″
Size 37 – A: 95cm/37″, B: 50cm/20″

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