PET DOG CAT Cover Protection Anti Scratch for REAR BUMPER EcoLeather BARRY

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The car cover BARRY is a new product of a series of products that protect the car during the transport of a dog or luggage. It is made for customers who want to protect the bumpers of their cars from scratches and damage while placing loading luggage or a dog. Most cars have painted bumpers and these very easily scratched. This cover will provide adequate protection of the rear bumper as well as ensure the safety of the dog to catch and protect it from slipping on the bumper. The protector is made of strong and durable eco-leather, thickly laminated, with a 5 millimeter foam pad to prevent slipping. The product is extremely easy to install – attached using Velcro which is sewn to the trunk liners. Very easy to clean- should be washed with soap and water using a damp cloth. Easy to fold and store.

The BARRY protector is an extremely practical product, made of strong, un-penetrateable, organic leather. This material is non-allergenic, odourless and has many protective properties: it is difficult to puncture and scratch-resistant. The dark colour of the cover, means the product matches every car perfectly. Product reputable company Kegel-Blazusiak: the largest producer and exporter in the field of car seat covers and work wear. Produced in Poland, mainly from raw Polish material while keeping all quality standards of the European Union.

material: – PVC (100% polyester)

Size: – universal

Product advantages:
– A high quality product made from strong and durable eco-leather.
– Thick laminated 5mm foam material prevents sliding of the protector.
– Bumper protection against scratching, when loading luggage or a dog.
– Safety- protects the dog from slipping on the slick bumper.
– Comfortable use
– Very easy to clean – mounted with Velcro sewn to the trunk liners.
– Quick installation – mounted with Velcro sewn to the trunk liners.
– Easy to fold and store